Summer Camp Week 4 – June 24th-27th: Holiday: Halloween & Fall, 1 week only


Monday – Thursday 9:00 AM – 2:30 PM

For Elementary (ages 6 & have completed Kindergarten) & Middle School age kiddos Independently Able children 

Drop off starting at 8:45 AM, pick up by 2:45 PM Except for Thursday Water slide day, Pickup by 3:00 PM

Camp Activities:
Cost covers Use of studio space, canvases, paint, brushes, all supplies, clay, glazes, firing of the clay, instruction, 60-foot waterslide. all inflatables Fun, smiles, laughter, and making new friends are free!

Art projects this week will include

  • Art projects including, but not limited to
  • 12×12 Stretched Canvas painting
  • A glazed Clay Project (ceramics needs time to dry, pick up at the end of summer) 
  • Printmaking
  • And so much More Art!
  • Arcades
  • Spray Paint Car
  • Chickens & Goats
  • Inflatables Snow Cones 

On Thursday, the last day, we will finish any details on projects. The rest of the day, starting around 11:00ish AM, will be an outside water day with snow-cones. Please have Campers dressed with sunscreen on prior to coming.

Camp Schedule:
8:45 AM – 9:15 AM – Drop Off
Art Time
10:00 AM – Snack
Art Time
11:30 AM = 12:00 PM – Recess Time
12:00 PM = 12:30 AM – Lunch
Art Time
2:00ish – Afternoon Snack
Art Time
2:30 PM – 2:45 PM – Pick Up/Dismissal
*Thursday 1:00 PM Outside Water Slides 
Pick up 3:30 PM – 3:00 PM

Coupon Codes:

  • MultiWeek – Use coupon code “MultiWeek” for a $10 discount for siblings sign-ups or booking 2 or more consecutive weeks for a single child.

Day campers will need to provide their own sack lunch, 2 snacks, and transportation. (Please let me know of any allergies)

Art Camp is for independently able children ages 6 and up and have completed Kindergarten through Middle School (There are various ages of children at each camp).

Please read the InfoToKnow page. The price is for one child.

Campers are to bring a completed PRINTED Registration form with parent contact information.

If a shirt was purchased it will be handed out on the first day of camp.

Amber will email you helpful tips to help you prepare for camp 1 to 2 weeks before your registered Camp week.

Summer Camp Refund Policy

  1. If for some reason you need to cancel or switch weeks please email by April 1st, Minus a $50 processing fee for cancellations.  After April 1st ANY CHANGES of weeks will be a $50 processing fee. There will be no refunds or credits after April 1st, No exceptions. I will be ordering & paying for supplies according to the number of registrations by April 1st. Once you commit, I cannot provide a refund/credit. Please be 100% sure you will attend before registering.  Camps are to be attended in the same summer year of registration, not transferable for following year camps or parties. If YOU find a replacement camper for your camper, please email both the new parent and myself with this information.  NO PROCESSING FEE, AS IT IS A SIMPLE SWITCH OF NAMES & monies is handled between you and the other family. 
  3. If I am  NOT at full capacity, you can change to another week of the same summer year plus a $50 per camper processing fee.  Not transferable to birthday parties, future camps, or other offerings.

Code of Conduct

The Art Barn ATX Summer Day Camp staff is looking forward to providing your child with a fun, memorable, and safe summer camp experience. Each camper has a responsibility to act in a way that assures a positive experience for all. All campers are required to follow these guidelines.

Behavior Guidelines

  • Campers shall be responsible for their words and actions.
  • Campers shall be respectful of others.
  • Campers shall follow directions from staff members.
  • Let let kiddos enjoy technology free Art Camp. Campers shall leave all electronic devices at home such as iPods, handheld computer games, MP3 players, and cell phones. (A parent/guardian must seek permission from the camp director in order for the camper to be able to carry a cell phone for emergencies).

Prohibited Behaviors

  • Endangering the health and safety of themselves, other campers, and/or staff or volunteers.
  • Stealing, damaging, or failing to care for Art Barn ATX or personal property.
  • Continual disruption of the program& other Campers.
  • Refusal to follow the behavior guidelines.
  • Inappropriate physical contact.
  • Using profanity or inappropriate language or displaying clothing or other personal items with offensive content.
  • Bullying or acts of aggression or violence.
  • Possession or use of illegal substances, tobacco, or alcohol.
  • Possession of weapons – any object that may cause harm to another, or place another person in fear of his/her safety, may be considered a weapon.

Steps taken for failure to follow these behavior guidelines

  • Mrs. Gordon will redirect the camper to a more appropriate behavior.
  • The camper will be reminded of the behavior guidelines.
  • If the behavior persists, staff will discuss the problem with a parent/guardian.
  • It may become necessary to have the camper picked up early from camp.
  • If a camper’s behavior at any time threatens the immediate safety of him/her, other campers, or staff, the parent/guardian will be notified and expected to pick up the child immediately.
  • If the child does get picked up and asked not to return to camp/there is no refund

Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct may result in the removal from the program and/or additional fees. There will be no refunds given for campers who are removed from the program due to violations of the Code of Conduct.

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