12×12 Neon Sign Party

From: $330.00

Neon 12×12

  • $330 Base package 2- 10 Guests
  • $20 each additional Guest over 10 maximum 20 guests
  • No gum allowed in studio.
  • for Children’s Parties  >16 or more guests, additional $75 for second staff member.  Please call before hand so accommodations are made
  • Additional details below.

Purple dates are available.  Brown indicates partial availability.  Pink is booked.

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Cost is $330.00  for 2- 10 guests

Each Guest will need to know how to tie a knot

Additional guests, there will be a charge of $20, per person over the 10

Each guest will make and take home a 12×12 canvas with neon. Color choices will vary.

For Guests ages 11 and up, each guest will need to know how to tie a knot using yarn and follow instructions.

You can chose a single large letter, a simple shape like a heart, cross, or a small word, 3 letters or less.

As requested, a customized/simplified neon sign experience for children as inspired by the Adult party from Crafters Paradise.  This is a very fun simplified step by step process to create unique neon artwork on black canvas.  It’s really neat!