Book Folding Party

From: $330.00

Heart Book Folding Birthday Party!

  • $330 Base package up to 10 Guests(including guest of Honor)
  • $20 each additional Guest over 10 up to a maximum of 16
  • For Ages 9 and Up
  • for >16, additional $75 for third staff member.  Please call before hand so accommodations are made.
  • No gum allowed in studio.
  • Additional details below.

Purple dates are available.  Brown indicates partial availability.  Pink is booked.

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Each guest will make and take a hard cover book “Heart”

For Guests 9 and up.

You can also choose from a Flower, or Star.

The books are pre-made and marked before your arrival so that each guest will be able to fold on the marks.  Please indicate at time of booking if you would like a flower or star instead of a heart.

The books are a very easy process, if guests do not finish they will understand what to do to finish at home.

There will be 1 staff member to help guests.

Please no more than 16 guests.  If more than 16 guests there will be an upcharge of $75 for a second staff member, in addition to the $15 charge for each additional guest.  Please let us know ahead of time so we can coordinate any large party request. 

Host may arrive 15 mins prior to party for setup of food cutlery etc. Studio is Art decorated, but you are welcome to bring your own party decorations.

Outline of Party

First part Guests will sit down as instructions are explained, and shown.

There are 2 staff members to help guests.  The steps are very simple to follow.

As we are helping guests we will take a break from folding to will wash up and enjoy refreshments provided by host

Clean up of food and guests may continue folding their pages until it is time to leave.