Keepsake Ceramic Gingerbread House


Create your own Personalized Keepsake Gingerbread House!
You will cherish this for years to come, add a tealight to make it shine through the windows.
Adults & Children will create a custom ceramic gingerbread house in the studio.
Each person will start with the already pre-made textured walls of the house.
Using clay & tools – each person can customize their house by building & adding: clay candy, shapes, initials, and finish it off with clay icing.
After 2-3 weeks (when dried) I will fire the ceramic pieces. 
After they are fired, you can pick up your personalized gingerbread house and paint it at home with the provided paint.
Decorating your Keepsake Gingerbread House just like a candy house will leave you with lasting memories to come.
To sign up for a private 2-hour class minimum – 5 registered guests are required.
Please contact me to select a date and time.
1 parent must be present with their child/children for ages 5-10, older children can be dropped off with Registration form filled out

Attention: Everyone, adults & children, will be required to wear masks. All common areas, bathroom, splatter room, arcade room, and anywhere walking in the studio will require a mask to be worn. The only exception is when seated and maintaining a safe social distance of 6 -feet apart. *If booking a water slide - masks will not be required during its use. Temperatures will also be checked for safety during all bookings.