Art Kits With Classes – For A Limited Time (Ending October 3rd)


Kids can choose one of the three options: Texas string art, Moroccan Window, Fox Book Folding

Note* You can choose a heart instead of Texas for String Art And/Or

You can choose a Pumpkin, Or Jack O lantern Or a Seahorse for the book folding....Please email me to let me know

Classes are $35 – Only 10 in person and 10 kits available.

These kits are available for a limited time and expire on October 3rd.

Video Tutorial will be available with Purchase.  Kits will be available for pick up 1 week after schedule in class session, on a Saturday or Sunday Pick up.



Attention: Shoes will be taken off before entering the Art Barn. Everyone, adults & children, will be required to wear masks. All common areas, bathroom, splatter room, arcade room, and anywhere walking in the studio will require a mask to be worn. The only exception is when seated and maintaining a safe social distance of 6 -feet apart. *If booking a water slide - masks will not be required during its use. Temperatures will also be checked for safety during all bookings.

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Texas String Art, Morrocan Window, Fox Book Folding