Kids Night Out & Art Camp Information For Parents

Kids Night Out – Can We Reschedule?

Things Happen,  Please do not send sick kiddos to KNO.  If you need to reschedule, you may choose another KNO date, or you can have a 50% refund.  Kiddos may bring blankets and pillows for the movie.  Please bring labeled bottled water only.  A Cracker type of snacks only for the movie.  NO NUT Products due to Allergies!

Kids Night Out – When is the Drop off & Pick Up Time?

Drop off is 5:00pm/Pick up 9:00pm    Registration Form

What Is Your Refund Policy?

There are no refunds on camps, parties, or workshops.  If something has come up and you or your child can no longer attend, you may reschedule to a later date within the same calendar year if we have an open spot.  Camp credit can only be transferred within the summer you registered for.  Full payment is due at the time of booking.  Registration Form

What Is The Art Camp Minimum Student Age?

At a minimum, students should be at least 6 years old and have completed kindergarten. Due to the materials at the studio and the on-going art students artwork, thank you for your respect.

What Time Is Art Camp Drop Off and Pickup?

Student drop off begins at 8:45 AM, camp starts at 9:00 AM.  Student pickup begins and 2:30 PM and ends at 2:45 PM.  If you’re running late to pickup your child please text or call ahead so arrangements can be made.

What To Expect On The First Day Of Camp?

On the first day of camp please come in and check out the studio and workspace.  To ensure the safety of your child you will be asked to fill out a pick up card and the Registration/Emergency/Release form. On subsequent days of camp you can simply drop off the student and return for pickup.

What Should Our Child Bring for Art Camp?

Each student is to bring a labeled sack lunch, labeled water bottle, and two labeled snacks.  Labels are required to make sure each student gets what they brought.  Registration Form

What Should Our Child Wear for Art Camp?

Please have your child dress for a hands on fully engaged art day.  We are going to get messy so please dress accordingly. Only children with Socks will be allowed on the bounce house and twister.  We do live in the country closed toed shoes are required for outside play.  On the last day of camp (Thursday), students will be engaged in an outdoor art activity that will involve paint and water.  Flip-flops/ Water shoes and suitable clothes are recommended.  Please have sunscreen and bug spray on your child.  I do use Deep Wood Off Brand Sunscreen.

Where Is Parking at the Art Barn ATX?

When coming up the private drive stay to the right of the Y.  The Art Barn ATX is on the left (big beige warehouse building).  Stair entrance is highly decorated.  Parking is on the right behind the main house where the parking sign is.  To help with traffic flow please follow the sign for exiting, it will loop you around the drive.  On the last day of summer camp (water day), the slide takes up most of the parking area.  Old school parking, if you can find a spot, please use it.  Be aware of backing out and children that may be around.

Is the Art Barn ATX Wheelchair Accessible?

The Art Barn ATX is not wheelchair accessible and only has stairs. Please call ahead before you arrive if you need assistance.