12 x 12 Canvas Painting

From: $330.00

Canvas Painting Birthday Party!

Each guest will paint and take home a 12 x 12 stretched Painted Canvas

I can tailor to a different picture to paint.  Just let me know what you are thinking and we can work together.

Acrylic Paint is used (Aprons provided if the guest chooses to use them).

  • We can accommodate your time if different from Calendar, Please email/Call/Text to see if your time is available.
  • This Activity for Ages 7 and up,  Please We respectfully ask no children under the age of 6, due to the nature of breakables from other artist, this is a working studio.
  • $330 Base package 2- 10 Guests(including guest of Honor)
  • $15 each additional Guest over 10
  • Acrylic paint will be used (aprons provided if guests choose to wear them).
  • No gum allowed in the studio.
  • The Studio is intended for Ages 6 and up, due to supplies, material & instructions of activities.
  • The email confirmation will be sent to the booking email address
  • No worries if you don’t know your guest head count.  I suggest booking the base 10 to save your date, then we can settle up after the party for additional guests.


*Party Add on for Summer Time Only (June 1st – to the last weekend of September).  Cannot be booked by itself.

For $100 you can rent our 60 foot 2 story waterslide with an additional hour of Party Time, to be used at the end of the party activity.  Guests should wear swimsuits underneath they’re clothes and bring a towel.  Great way to wash the paint off after a splatter paint party!

Only Participants wearing bathing suits will be allowed on the slide.  No zippers or buttons, jeans…as this will rip the slide.
The max weight on the slide is 160 lbs.

Indemnity waiver will need to be signed by guests/parents wishing to use the slide.  Click here to download.

  • Additional 1 hour Water slide Add On 1 hour time will be 1-4


Purple dates are available.  Brown indicates partial availability.  Pink is booked.