FAQ & Birthday Party Information For Parents

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All children attending a birthday party or on the grounds of ArtBarnATX are required to have a signed party participation waiver form to attend and participate. It is the host’s responsibility to ensure all guests have filled out a waiver before the party.  You and your guest can DIGITALLY SIGN THE WAIVER ONLINE OR PRINT & SIGN THE WAIVER. 

 A new waiver is needed for each event and party – it is non-transferable

Please refer to our Participation Waiver FAQ page for any questions you may have about Waivers.

Why is there a minimum age requirement for birthday parties?

Safety is the #1 priority at ArtBarnATX.  Each party is curated to let the child/children feel independent & is age appropriate. Mrs. Gordon is a certified Texas Art Educator for all ages & has taught public education for over 20 years.  Mrs. Gordon understands what each age is capable of achieving successfully on their own without parent supervision. However, if your child has special needs, please help your child with the art projects.  This is not a one to one class setting.   If your child requires help by an additional teacher in a school setting, then they will need that help here at ArtBarnATX.

Why must I supervise my child 1:1 ratio under the age of 6 for all parties?

We have art supplies all over the studio. The natural wonderment and curiosity of children, especially under the age of 6, is wonderful until the items go in their mouths or up their noses.  Everything in ArtBarnATX is made for creating art.

Our Policy is children YOUNGER THAN 6 have a 1:1 ratio to supervise their children  by a parent/guardian over the age of 18 at all times. Due to the choking harzard of small objects/supplies in ArtBarnATX, this is a working Art studio.

Please supervise your child no matter their age inside & out.  Waivers are required for all Children.

What Can We Expect To Experience At An Art Birthday Party?

Who doesn’t love a unique Art birthday party?  For our splatter birthday parties: Party attendees will participate in a paint throwing event to create a one of a kind artwork for the child.  Splatter time will last about 45 minutes, after clean up you will be able to serve your guests refreshments.  All participating kiddos will take home a unique piece of art work as part of this experience (to be picked up in 3-5 days afterwards, trust me you will not want the wet canvases in your car).  After splatter time, the group will commence with the host  supervising their food and gifting activities of the party.

What Is Your Rescheduling and Cancellation (Refund) Policy For Birthday Parties?

Art Barn ATX firmly require a minimum of 30 days notice of cancellation before your birthday party date to reschedule it. All rescheduled parties must be rescheduled within 30 days of the booked birthday party date or your party will be cancelled and no refund given.

There are no refunds for all birthday parties that have been booked and paid (Full payment is due at the time of booking).

If for ANY reason you need to reschedule your birthday party to another date and provide 30 days of notice  – there will be a $50 rescheduling fee. Rescheduled dates must be within 30 days of the booked date for your party. You will need to look at the birthday calendar and look for an available date and time.  You will email me at artbarnatx@gmail.com from your confirmation email so that I know your original booking date and time.  I will then send to my IT person for the change.  I will Re-Email you the new date and time.


Full payment is due at the time of every booking.

When Are The Arrival and Departure Times for Art Parties?

Party organizers can arrive fifteen (15) minutes prior to start time to setup your party.  A typical party will run for two (2) hours.  Additional time can be added (schedule permitting) for an additional cost.  Mrs. Gordon has a limited amount of time to reset the ArtBarnATX space for other activities after a party concludes including cleaning of the space.  We encourage you to have your party wrapped up on the hour.  Mrs. Gordon is more than happy to help in any way to ensure an enjoyable experience!

What Should You Wear For Splatter Paint Parties?

Dress for mess! Please remind participating guests to wear clothes they are comfortable getting paint on. A change of clothing is highly encouraged! The paint is non toxic washable paint, but the paint doesn’t always come out of clothes.  It is encouraged that long hair be pulled back.  Children will take shoes off while participating, they can wear flip flops if they choose to do so in the splatter room only, but will need a change of shoes in the main studio.  We also have a private bathroom if participants want to bring a change of clothing.   Clean up of feet and hands will be highly encouraged, but I have found participants, LOVE to leave with paint still on their arms, legs and, yes on purpose.  Your Guests love you if you bring a white shirt for their kids to wear.

Waiver For Water Slide Participation Option (Available Only During Summer Months)

All children attending a birthday party or on the grounds of ArtBarnATX are required to have a signed party participation waiver form to attend and participate. It is the host’s responsibility to ensure all guests have filled out a waiver before the party.  You and your guest can DIGITALLY SIGN THE WAIVER ONLINE OR PRINT & SIGN THE WAIVER. 

What Are The Additional Costs To Add More Friends for Art Parties?

Additional friends can be added to a booked party at the cost of art activity chosen per child (see your art activity information).  There is no charge for children, parents, or relatives attending whom don’t participate.  NO ADDITIONAL SUPPLIES ARE PROVIDED FOR NON PARTICIPATING CHILDREN. Nor are additional supplies provided for anything other than your creative birthday party purchase.  No mixing of creative birthday party choices, as supplies are prepped for your creative birthday choice.

Are Outside Food And Drink Allowed At The Art Barn ATX?

Yes, absolutely.  ArtBarnATX does not furnish any food, drink, tableware, or utensils.  The studio has a full kitchen that can be used for your party experience.  Art Barn ATX will help assist and coordinate as needed but the party host is responsible for anything food related.

Where Is Parking At The Art Barn ATX?

When coming up the private drive stay to the right of the Y.  The Art Barn ATX is on the left (big beige warehouse building).  Stair entrance is highly decorated.  Parking is on the right behind the main house where the parking sign is.

Is the Art Barn ATX Wheelchair Accessible?

The Art Barn ATX is not wheelchair accessible and only has stairs. Please call ahead before you arrive if you need assistance.

What Accommodations Are Available For Children With Special Needs?

This is a classroom setting and children with special needs will have support provided by parents.

Do You Accept Walk-Ins? Do You Make Single-Person Appointments?

ArtBarnATX is by appointment only and led by a professional  Texas Certified Art Educator Mrs. Gordon for instructing group sizes of 5 or more. We are not a walk in studio.

Can I Bring My Pet Dog?

Only service dogs are allowed on our premises due to the presence of free-range chickens, turkeys, ducks, and goats. Additionally, we prioritize the safety of all guests, so we kindly ask that pet owners refrain from bringing their pets to prevent any accidents or inconvenience, such as leaving poop in areas accessible to children.

Will Mrs. Gordon/ArtBarnATX Come To My House To Do A Private Birthday Party?

ArtBarnATX is more than just art, it is a full experience.  If you have never been here before you are missing out on an old school Austin vibe.  We aren’t a franchise, we are a local independent family run art studio.
The beautiful tree lined drive out in the Hills of Lake Travis. You forget you are still in Austin. The moment you are at our gate you experience the whimsical artistic feeling. As you drive up the driveway you see the goats, chickens and talk to the turkeys(they like the ladies). When the weather is nice you get to play on the ship playscape, swings, and other fun activities outside. (Some activities are for summer camp only, please read about summer camp)The inside is magical all its own. Free Arcades, glow room, giant lite brite and so much more.
ArtBarnATX/Mrs. Gordon is typically booked a month in advance for Parties and events.
Typically Mrs. Gordon/ArtBarnATX will only do large events if you have 50 people or more. There is a travel expense fee of $200 or more depending on distance. An additional fee for an additional staff member to help (tbd).  You also provide tables &  coverage to protect the tables and floors being used.

Why Choose The Art Barn for Your Preschooler’s Birthday Party?

  1. Creative Expression: Our preschool birthday parties are designed to inspire creativity and self-expression in young children. With a variety of artistic activities and projects to choose from, kids can let their imaginations run wild as they explore different mediums and techniques.
  2. Educational Experience: At ArtBarnATX, we believe that learning should be fun! That’s why our preschool birthday parties incorporate educational elements into each activity, helping children develop essential skills such as fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving abilities.
  3. Professional Guidance: Our TexAS Certified EC-12 Educator Mrs. Gordon is here to ensure that every child has a positive and enriching experience at their preschool birthday party. 
  4. Safe and Secure Environment: Your child’s safety is our top priority.  With this curious age, a 1:1 ratio of adult with your child is important to keep them safe, as this is a working studio.  However there will be plenty of sensory activities available for the kiddos to explore.
  5. Stress-Free Planning: Planning a birthday party can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be!  From setting up the art projects and providing all the necessary materials and supplies, Mrs. Gordon will guide the kiddos with the art part.  ArtBarnATX does NOT provide food, cutlery, drinks, snacks. etc  The food portion of the parties is your choice to bring.