FAQ & Camp Information For Parents

What Is Your Camp Refund Policy?

  1. If for some reason you need to cancel or switch weeks please email by April 1st, Minus a $50 processing fee for cancellations.  After April 1st ANY CHANGES of weeks will be a $50 processing fee. There will be no refunds or credits after April 1st, No exceptions. I will be ordering & paying for supplies according to the number of registrations by April 1st. Once you commit, I cannot provide a refund/credit. Please be 100% sure you will attend before registering.  Camps are to be attended in the same summer year of registration, not transferable for following year camps or parties. If YOU find a replacement camper for your camper, please email both the new parent and myself with this information.  NO PROCESSING FEE, AS IT IS A SIMPLE SWITCH OF NAMES & monies is handled between you and the other family. 
  3. If I am  NOT at full capacity, you can change to another week of the same summer year plus a $50 per camper processing fee.  Not transferable to birthday parties, future camps, or other offerings.

No Transfer or Replacement Campers

If your child/ children can no longer attend camp, you CANNOT replace/ transfer with another child from the same  different household. Projects start on Monday and Tuesday and will be worked on all week.

What Is the Minimum Student Age for ArtBarnATX?

At a minimum, students should be at least 6 years old and have completed kindergarten to attend Summer art Camp. Due to the materials at the studio and the on-going student’s artwork, thank you for your respect.  Our camp is very fast paced. The Studio for Parties and workshops have minimum ages, please read the minimum age requirement for each event.

Why is there a minimum age for summer camps

Summer Camp is a VERY FAST PACED camp.  Kiddos over the age of 6 that have been through kindergarten understand a school routine and their stamina can last a full day of fun.  There are minimum skills that are required for your child to feel successful at camp.  

Is the Art Barn ATX Wheelchair Accessible?

The Art Barn ATX is not wheelchair accessible and only has stairs. Please call ahead before you arrive if you need assistance.

What Accommodations Are Available For Children With Special Needs?

This is a classroom setting and children with special needs will have support provided by parents.  If your child/children require extra assistance in a school setting, then they will need extra assistance at the Studio.  There is not a one to one ratio here at the studio.  A parent/guardian must provide/pay for that extra assistance.

What Time Is Art Camp Drop Off and Pickup?

Student drop off begins at 8:45 AM, camp starts at 9:15 AM.  Student pickup begins and 2:15 PM and ends at 2:45 PM.  If you’re running late to pickup your child please text or call ahead so arrangements can be made, the gate will close at 10:00 am and reopen at 2:00 pm.  Please list all adults on your registration form that will be picking up your child/children.  If you are carpooling please write that person’s name on your registration form. Adult must check out with Amber.

What To Expect On The First Day Of Camp?

Due to Covid-19 for 2020 we are not allowing parents into the studio.  If this is your first visit, please schedule a visit prior to your camp week.    To ensure the safety of your child please print fill out and bring with you the Registration/Emergency/Release form.  On subsequent days of camp you can simply drop off the student and return for pickup. We will be checking  and recording temperatures every morning at drop off. Please do not leave until after temperature checks.

What Should Our Child Bring for Art Camp?

Each student is to bring a labeled sack lunch, labeled water bottle, and two labeled snacks.  Labels are required to make sure each student gets what they brought. Please be respectful of nut allergies.  Please no outside toys/technology.  If your child brings a phone, please leave in bag.   Registration Form. 

We also will be providing Snow Cones with using Hawaiian Shaved Ice Brand Syrups.   Click Here for their ingredient information.

We Have chickens & goats.  All people wanting to participate will wash hands before and after entering/exiting the chicken area.  The chickens are friendly.  If you do not want your child participating in the chicken area, please let me and your child/children know.

What Should Our Child Wear for Art Camp?

Please have your child dress for a hands on fully engaged art day.  We are going to get messy so please dress accordingly. Only children with Socks will be allowed on the bounce house and jouster.  We do live in the country closed toed shoes are required for outside play.  On the last day of camp (Thursday), students will be engaged in an outdoor inflatable water slide. We do add a small amount chorine to out waterslide.  Flip-flops/ Water shoes and suitable clothes are recommended, regular clothing can be worn on top of bathing suits while we finish Art.  Please have sunscreen and bug spray on your child.  I will not place sunscreen on.  If it is predicted to rain on Thursday, we will change the water day to another schedule day during that week, no worries. I do have Afterbite to place on bites, and I have Off brand bug spray I use on myself and campers if they come without any on.



Indemnity Waiver For Water Slide Participation

Indemnity waiver will need to be signed by guests/parents wishing to use the slide.  Click here to download.

Where Is Parking at the Art Barn ATX?

When coming up the private drive stay to the right of the Y.  The Art Barn ATX is on the left (big beige warehouse building).  Stair entrance is highly decorated.  Parking is on the right behind the main house where the parking sign is.  To help with traffic flow please follow the sign for exiting, it will loop you around the drive.  Be aware of backing out and children that may be around.

Can I Bring My Pet Dog?

Only service dogs are allowed on our premises due to the presence of free-range chickens, turkeys, ducks, and goats. Additionally, we prioritize the safety of all guests, so we kindly ask that pet owners refrain from bringing their pets to prevent any accidents or inconvenience, such as leaving poop in areas accessible to children.